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For buyers

By purchasing a used piano displayed on this site you are assured of:
* A real and honest private local sale at a realistic price.
* An instrument that has been professionally inspected, tuned, valued and test played.
* Ongoing, prompt and honest technical advice and support if needed from

* These pre-inspected pianos are private sales from private houses. Negotiations will be through contact with the owner as listed.
* The cheaper used pianos will normally have wear to parts that has compromised performance, longevity and tone. However, all pianos are playable and tuneable unless stated and future reconditioning is always an option.
* You are welcome to call me regarding further information about these pianos.
* All pianos should be re-tuned after moving house, and annually thereafter tuned and serviced to maintain performance and longevity.
* Should you purchase a piano, transport will normally be the buyer's responsibility, and I recommend calling Beethoven Piano Movers or Capital Pinball for professional service.

For sellers

By selling your unwanted piano on this site your are assured of:
* Friendly sales help and advice.
* Professional inspection, pre-sale tuning, preparation and evaluation of your piano.
* Freedom from scammers and false purchases.

* Please contact me to arrange an inspection, assessment and to prepare your piano for listing.
* No commission will be sought from the sale but there is a minimum tuning fee for the service.
* A piano that is in tune, and especially an older piano that demonstrates tune-ability, is a much more saleable item. An untunable piano will not be advertised on this site unless advertised as such.
* Very old and antique pianos are welcome.
* Your piano will be advertised with my descriptions including your name, phone number, your suburb, make, model, size, age, cabinet colour, condition, photo and suggested price.
* Please contact me regarding change requests, and if your piano sells.
* Pianos that have sold already are listed here to give you an idea of what sells and for how much.

For further information, advice, merits and suitability for these pianos, or to have your piano listed for sale contact:

Chris Leslie
Mobile/SMS: 0429 516 111
Home: 6251 6123
(Evenings and weekends OK)


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Date listed: 17/6/2017
Make: Kimball
Model: Console piano
Age: 1980
Condition: fair
Price: $1100
Suburb: Weston
Contact: Paulette
Phone: 0417 360 557
Comments: This is a tidy small piano and a reliable starter piano for keen budget conscious family.

Date listed: 21/1/2017
Make: Erard - Paris
Model: Grand. 2.1 meters
Age: 1870
Condition: Good
Price: $negotiable
Suburb: Deakin
Contact: Cia
Phone: 0417 289 042
Comments: A magnificent example of the superb craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterised these fine European pianos. In fine working order and with a tone to die for.

Date listed: 12/12/2016
Make: C Bechstein
Model: Upright
Age: 1908
Condition: Poor
Price: $100
Suburb: Ainslie
Contact: Julia
Phone: 0439 402 500 Email:
Comments: Not really functional at present. Very good reconditioning potential for a person willing to invest some time and end up with a great sounding and rebuilt respected German make.

Date listed: 1/8/2016
Make: Pleyel
Model: Pianino
Age: 1865
Condition: Fair
Price: $1000 or make an offer
Suburb: Adelaide
Contact: Karl
Phone: (08) 8298 2292

Comments: Karl has an extensive collection of antique pianos that all need a new home. This pianino appears to be in a good and playable condition with restoration done in 2008. The rest of the piano collection includes many squares from the 18th and 19th centuries, and 19th century grands by Broadwood, Erard and Pleyel in various states of condition and ripe for restoration. Karl will be delighted to hear from anybody with in interest in acquiring an antique piano as is, or restored